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What You Need to Know About the Hot Spring Bath Houses in Arkansas
Arkansas | Hot Springs | Outdoor Adventures

What You Need to Know About the Hot Spring Bath Houses in Arkansas

Exploring Bathhouse Row can be a bit confusing. You’re expecting what’s known as Hot Spring Bath Houses to actually be bathhouses, but that’s not necessarily the case. In Hot Springs National Park, the street of bathhouses known as Bathhouse Row only has two functioning bathhouses. Historically, all eight of the bathhouses on this street used…

Oh hi there! We’re the Kim Family!

We are Christine, Jae, Sophie, and Conner, and we love to travel the world! We’ve been traveling the world as a family since 2011, when our daughter was a baby, and have dotted the globe with our wanderlust ever since.

We are always seeking new adventures, awe-inspiring places, beautiful hotels, fun kid attractions, the glorious outdoors, and amazing food. We never run out of places we want to go! Our goal is to inspire you to travel to new destinations that bring you a sense of wonder and joy.

Travel fills our cup and creates new memories as a family. I’ve never regretted spending time and money on travel. It is truly one of the joys of life that lasts far beyond the trip. We get to re-live the memories through photos and videos, and we’re always so glad we made the effort to go.

We hope to inspire you to make more happy memories… preferably all around the world!

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What to Expect at Crater of Diamonds State Park
Arkansas | North America | Outdoor Adventures | Travel | United States

What to Expect at Crater of Diamonds State Park

Crater of Diamonds State Park is the world’s only public diamond mine, located in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, which is located in the southwest corner of Arkansas. We went here to celebrate my nephew’s 10th birthday. It was a fun adventure to dig for a potentially lucky find. Video of Crater of Diamonds State Park What To…