Hi! I’m Christine. I am a Jesus loving designer, entrepreneur, foodie, and traveler. I love to travel with my family to discover new places, create fun memories, and check off places on my bucket list.

Travel has been the balm in my journey of healing. Always fun and refreshing when going to new and exciting places (and sometimes exhausting too when I’m dragged to kiddie places),

I’ve learned a thing or two about traveling with kiddos who are very picky about food and get bored easily.

I’ve created this blog to inspire your travels to destinations you may not have thought of, and to give you a resource for fun kid things to do around the world.

It’s my intention to make the most of this time I have with my kids before they are all grown up and to create happy memories with them that will last a lifetime (while also doing fun and interesting things for us parents too).

That’s also the intention I have for you… that you will be inspired to make the effort, take the time, and set aside some money to go to places that will create happy memories with your family.

Breaking Through My Limiting Beliefs About Travel

I used to think that when I had kids I’d have to give up travel, so we took our baby moon as our last trip before kids.

A few years later, I learned just how important travel was to me. After that revelation, we turned our monotonous, boring life around and started adding adventure back into our life.

Travel is an investment at times, but when I look back at all the fond memories we created, all the photos we took, and the feeling I get when I check off a dream destination, I know it was all worth it!

Traveling with kids is not always easy, but somehow you make it work. Sometimes our daughter napped in the car, and other times she was strapped to our fronts or backs, or fell asleep in a stroller. This was us driving to our final destination in Chiang Mai, Thailand after a long day of travel.

Sleeping toddler

The Journey of Parenting




Although the journey of parenting feels like a really long journey, after getting past the infant and toddler years, it really does goes by fast.

Just a few years ago, I feel like my daughter was just goofing around as a cute little toddler, but just recently she turned 10!




That means I only have 8 more years with her before she’s off to college! It really puts things into perspective.

18 years feels like a long time when starting on this journey of parenthood, but it goes by fast when you look back. We only have 18 years with our children before they are off to college.

Disneyworld Nashville Angel Wings


Just like many of you, I want to capture photos of all the different stages of my kids’ livese growing up – celebrating every milestone, having fun, exploring new things, and spending quality time together as a family.

It doesn’t mean we always have to be venturing off to some far away land, but it does mean making a point to do something out of routine to create a little newness and excitement in our lives.

Especially during this time of covid, we’ve all had to readjust our travel plans and get back to our main priorities, which is family and health. After taking a hiatus in travel, we’ve switched to more domestic travel through road trips rather than flying to another country, which we will post about soon.

A little bit about us…

We are Christine, Jae, Sophie (10), and Conner (3). We used to live in New York, but recently moved to Texas (during covid) for a new job opportunity for Jae.

Christine is an entrepreneur, Jae works a corporate job, and we travel mostly during school breaks and weekends.

We’ve compiled a travel bucket list that we try to review regularly to narrow down where we want to go next. Rather than taking random trips, we like to find the time, then allocate money and effort go towards trips that really make our travel dreams come true! You can always make more money, but can’t make time back.

We’re foodies and love a good Michelin star meal, but also love to find places that our kids love too! A bit more about our kids below…

Kim Family Photo Girl sitting on bench at Hello Kitty Island - Seoul, Korea


At the age of 10, Sophie now has more stamps on her passport than some adults we know! We’ve taken her to Cancun, Montreal, Quebec City, Aruba, Bermuda, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand – Bangkok & Chiang Mai, Bali, UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Iceland, Amsterdam, Santorini, Positano, Marrakesh, Barcelona, Paris, Qatar, and Myanmar! And those are only the international destinations we’ve taken her to.

Sophie is always getting excited about things, celebrating life, and planning her next birthday party 9 months early. She loves Hello Kitty, baking, diamond painting, gymnastics, and going to school. Although some traveling families have decided to homeschool, we’ve decided to send her to school because she just loves being social!

We also make sure that there is something Sophie would love to experience on every trip because we dread hearing the words “I’m bored!” from her! Subscribe to her YouTube channel that she made us start when she was 3.


Conner got his passport at 1 month old. At 3.5 years of age, he has already traveled to Bermuda, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Myamnar, and Qatar, with many cities and states in the U.S. too — Florida, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Arizona, Utah, Los Angeles, Maine, Kentucky, all over New York, and so many states we’ve driven through. He’s already a mini world traveler!

Conner has been posing for pictures since he was only 1 year old! He learned very quickly from his older sister.. He’s always laughing, giggling, running around, and doing something silly. He definitely keeps life active and funny!

Camel Ride in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Vessel at Hudson Yards in NYC


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We’re so happy you found us and read this far! There are many more adventures to share with you that are hidden away on our phones, memory cards, and computer.

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