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What to Expect at KidZania in Frisco, Texas

Looking to take your kids to a KidZania in the USA? Next time you’re in the North Dallas area, take your kids to the KidZania in Frisco, TX!

After traveling around the world and experiencing KidZania locations around the world, we were so happy to find one in the USA. What made it even better was that we had just moved to the Dallas area from New York. How lucky were we to find Kidzania so close from our new home!

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We saved our trip to KidZania until our nephews came to visit over the holidays so that we could all go together. It was nice to have a place to take your kids for some fun outside the home after nearly a year of being cooped up at home from the pandemic.

Masks were required, as usual, and the toddler area was closed (I assume for safety reasons), but there was still enough to do for our first trip to KidZania. During the Christmas season, you can even take a photo with Santa!

What Exactly Is KidZania?

KidZania is called “a city built for kids.” It’s a place where kids can pretend to work different jobs. Every KidZania location has different “jobs” based on the company sponsorships. For the Dallas location, you can see the sponsors here. From being a fire fighter, a vet, a podcaster, to a sports trainer or doctor, there are so many jobs to try that it’s nearly impossible to do them all in one visit.

What to Expect


KidZania is located on the second floor of the Stonebriar Centre, a large mall in Frisco. There’s ample mall parking outside, and you can follow signs to the nearest parking to head straight to KidZania.

2601 Preston Rd #3011
Frisco, TX 75034


KidZania is open on weekends only, from Friday – Sunday, which makes sense since kids are in school during the week! Currently, their hours are:

  • Friday: 2 – 8 pm
  • Saturday: 12 – 7p
  • Sunday: 12 – 7 pm

They have summer hours. These are their hours for this summer, May 22 – August 15, 2021:

  • Tuesday – Sunday: 12 – 7pm

How Long Should You Expect To Stay

Each time we visit a KidZania location, we end up staying until closing time, so depending on when you arrive, it’s likely your kids won’t want to leave until closing time. You’ll want to get the most out of your entrance fee anyways.

Fortunately, there is a little convenient store where you can grab a coffee and relax while your kids go on their adventures. You’ll find yourself following them around taking photos and videos all day, so a little coffee doesn’t hurt.

There’s also a place to grab a meal, and even a soft serve vending machine for an ice cream break, so no need to leave Kidzania once you arrive.


So, how much does this all cost, you wonder? An All Day City Pass is as follows:

  • 3 Years Old and Under: Free
  • 4- 5 Years Old: $14.95
  • 6 – 14 Years Old: $39.95
  • Adults (15+): $14.95

For an extra $5, you can upgrade your ticket to a Z-ticket, which gives you 50 extra KidZos, free ice cream at Pie5, and during the Christmas season, we were able to get a free photo with Santa.

If you are a teacher, military service member, veteran, or first responder, there is an additional 10% discount you can get with proper ID.

B·KidZanian PaZZport Membership

Note that although this is the base price, there is something called B·KidZanian. It is a paZZport membership program that you can join for a one-time membership fee of $9.95. Once you join, kids can receive a personalized souvenir paZZport, which they can get stamped at their jobs. Having this paZZport allows kids to earn 2 kidZos more when they participate in a “job” and get a 5% discount at the store. At this level, they are considered Naturalized citizens.

We paid this one-time fee so that that our kids would be able to have this paZZport. At the end of the day, kids can redeem the money they earned for prizes in the prize shop.

Once you collect a certain number of stamps on your passport, you can qualify for higher levels of citizenship. You can read more about the paZZport membership here.

What Age Is KidZania For?

Although all age kids can go to KidZania, the ideal age is probably 6 -12 age. At that age, they can do all the climbing activities and won’t feel limited. Our at the time 9 year old daughter was able to engage in all the activities and was really excited about everything, but our little guy was a bit limited in what he could do. He still had fun, and since it is cheaper for his age, it was still worth it to take him. We’ll probably go again so they can try new jobs and activities, so he’ll get his chance!

There is a toddler area, but it was closed while we were there due to the pandemic. Hopefully this area will open up again so the little ones will have more to do.

How Does KidZania Work?

Kids receive KidZandia currency called “kidZos” to buy experiences, buy items at a store, or to deposit in a KidZania bank account. Kids ages 4 and up receive 50 kidZos to start, and as they “work” at different businesses, they can earn more. They work in exchange for a payment, much like they would in the real world! Different jobs pay different kidZos depending on the difficulty of the job.

Some activities at KidZania are not jobs, so they require you to pay for those experiences rather than earning money, like the climbing wall. KidZos can be used to pay for these experiences.

Kids can also save the money they earned by depositing their kidZos into a KidZania bank account, or use them at the store for prizes at the end of the day.

If you upgrade with the membership, you’ll get additional kidZos to start your day.

We started our day at the bank to set up bank accounts for the kids. From there, the older kids wanted climb the wall (which costs kidZos), while I took our little guy on a stroll around the city to see what he’d like to do. He eventually decided that he wanted to be a fire fighter. He went through fire training before he was dispatched to You can see our Instagram reel of his experience.

It’s very interesting to see what your kids enjoy doing and what they don’t. We took a family friend’s daughter to our trip as well, and she really did not enjoy the experience of doing surgery and had to leave mid-way. I don’t blame her! It can be very squeamish to see organs inside a body. My kids, however, were fascinated and poked and prodded the body on the surgical table the whole time. I was surprised they weren’t grossed out!

Safety & Security

One thing I was surprised to find was how seriously they take security there. At the exit, they really make sure the kids leave with their parent. My friend came to pick up his daughter early (who we had brought with us), and the security person at the exit made sure that he was the parent before they let her go with him. He had to prove it before she was able to go with him.

Another thing to note is that if you have kids ages 8 and up, you can drop off your kids and spend some time to walk around the mall. Kids are given RFID wristbands when you check in, and there are security cameras everywhere. I felt pretty good knowing that security was good there.

Birthday Parties

If you live near the area, you can also host a birthday party here! What a fun way to spend a birthday. Learn more about their birthday packages here. We may have to have a birthday party here in the future!

Overall, we love KidZania. It always provides a fun yet educational experience for our kids. For more information about Kidzania in Frisco, Texas, visit the KidZania USA website. To see what other locations KidZania is at, you can read our post about KidZania locations.

If you want to book a ticket, you can book tickets online at Kidzania USA.

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