Girl checking out groceries at the cash register at Kidzania in Seoul, Korea
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Kidzania Locations Around the World

Looking for a Kidzania near you? Or one you can travel to? Here are the Kidzania locations around the world to add to your travels with kids.

We’ve been to several different Kidzania locations around the world. Although they are similar, they all have a very different feel. Our favorite one so far was in Seoul, South Korea, although only Korean was spoken there. Our daughter had a difficult time since she doesn’t speak the language, but thankfully, we had relatives that could help translate. Even with the language barrier, it was still our daughter’s favorite, as it felt like it was the biggest one with the biggest variety of “jobs” to try out.

Next time you’re in one of these places, stop by Kidzania for some fun for the kids!

I’ve marked the locations that are currently open for visitors below. Locations are opening up again after closing during the pandemic last year. I’ve removed the Singapore location (which we had gone to during our trip to Singapore), because it is now closed permanently. 🙁 It’s an unfortunately result of having to close down during the pandemic.

Learning to make Cheeseboki at Kidzania in Seoul, Korea

Below are the Kidzania locations around the world in alphabetical order.

Kidzania Locations:


Sao Paolo, Brazil


Santiago, Chile

Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica


Cairo, Egypt


Delhi NCR, India
Mumbai, India


Surabaya, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia


Koshien, Japan
Tokyo, Japan


Busan, Korea
Seoul, Korea


Kuwait, Kuwait


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Guadalajara, Mexico
Cuicuilco, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico
Santa Fe, Mexico


Lisbon, Portugal


Doha, Qatar


Moscow, Russia

Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Bangkok, Thailand (closed permanently)


Istanbul, Turkey

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dubai, UAE

United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

United States

Dallas, USA – This Kidzania location is located in the north suburbs of Dallas in Frisco, Texas at the Stonebriar Centre, which is a mall which also has a carousel and even a dippin’ dots stand!

Some of the areas were closed when we last went, so just note that not all areas may be open with every visit.

More locations are slated to be built out by Kidzania, but the pandemic has delayed the build-out of these locations. To see more info regarding hours, pricing, and other FAQs, you can go to the Kidzania Global website.

Check out our Instagram reel to see what it’s like to be a Kidzania firefighter (Dallas location). Read more about what to expect at Kidzania in Frisco, TX.

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