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Why you should change your Email Marketing Provider…

Let me start by saying that I’ve tried expensive email marketing platforms as well as everyone’s first email marketing platform, Mailchimp, in the past. I’ve researched email marketing service providers extensively so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the pain of migrating my email list and email sequences later.

That’s why, when I went to a conference that was promoting Ontraport with a special promo deal, and saw some other bigger brands using it, I jumped on the wagon. In reality, it was more than I needed at the time. I tried it, tested it, and then went to another conference that touted Infusionsoft being the best at creating very detailed sequences. They also provided a promo rate, and I went through the difficulty of getting set up there.

For those of you who have tried Infusionsoft, you know it’s very cumbersome to get started, and it requires an onboarding fee that you have to pay and spend hours to get trained up in it. Plus, it’s expensive, and I wasn’t growing at the rate I had imagined at first and I had jumped in too quick.

I realized it was too much for what I needed as a beginner. I was looking for something simpler that could grow with me and that I wouldn’t have to pay up every time I gained more subscribers. After looking at other platforms for bloggers – including Drip, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and Mailchimp again (since most WordPress themes automatically plug into it), I finally decided I was going to use ActiveCampaign. I knew it was a great email platform, especially those who were a bit more tech savvy like me, but was still easy to use and could pretty much do everything. But, considering the pain of setting up a new email marketing system, I put it off for a bit.

Most bloggers I knew were going with ConvertKit, as it was designed for bloggers, and I’m sure it’s a great email platform. For me, however, the cost was a bit of a deterrent. Bloggers tend to get tons of subscribers as readership grows, and that cost as you projected it out seemed a bit astronomical for me at the time.

I’ve also tried Klaviyo, and am currently set up for it for my baby product business. It was the email marketing platform that I found was the best for product-based businesses since it deals with abandoned cart emails and things specific to e-commerce.

A New Email Marketing Company

As I was delaying setting up all things on my various blogs, I randomly discovered a new email marketing platform from a travel blogger who has a beautiful website. As I dug into it, I discovered that it was the product I had been wanting to find all along with the things I value – good design, easy to use, great price, and can scale with me as I grow.

I love how I can great beautiful emails easily, and the price was what shocked me the most. It is only $38/month, regardless of how many subscribers you have and how many emails you want to send. No more having to tier up each time your subscriber list grows to another level. It’s a flat rate!

This new email marketing platform is called FloDesk.

What Can FloDesk Do?

The biggest question I had was… can I create sequences using FloDesk? As I started using it, I was happy to find out that yes, you can! They even have templates with different sequences already created to get you started. Plus, you can also create different segments if you want to segment out your list. And if you’re a bit more advanced, you can also use Zapier to connect FloDesk to thousands of different apps.

If you are a creative and very visual, like me, and you’re looking for an easy to use email platform that will inspire you to create beautiful emails to send out to your audience, FloDesk is a great email marketing platform to use.

I’ve had lots of challenges in the past trying to figure out what emails to send out, but using FloDesk, I was able to create my first welcome sequence in one day using their welcome sequence template. If you want to check out what my emails look like, subscribe to my email list. Otherwise, if you’re ready to start sending out beautiful emails, head on over and get your 50% off FloDesk here. You won’t regret it.

Originally $38/mo, you can get a 50% discount with my code THEGLOBETROTTINGFAMILY, for only $19/month for life! Huge savings! Plus, the emails are beautiful and will elevate your brand.

Use my link to get get 50% off for life!

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