Why We Travel A Lot

by Christine Kim

Why We Travel…

I remember it clearly… my daughter was 3, and the days started to blur together. She was in daycare, I was working on my business, and my husband was at work. Each day was the same. We got ready in the morning, dropped off our daughter at daycare, went to work, worked all day, came back home, cooked dinner, had dinner together, put our daughter to bed (hoping she wouldn’t wake up 10x that night), and had a glass of wine to de-stress from the day. 

This is probably the same routine for many parents with young kids.

Even weekends were the same. Sometimes our daughter had a gym class or swimming class in the morning, and then we’d go grocery shopping and walked around our neighborhood. Maybe we’d grab a coffee at Starbucks right around the corner just to get out of our home.

It was pretty much the same routine almost every weekend. We’d been to almost every store and every restaurant in our neighborhood. Even though we lived in a nice area in Brooklyn with lots of shops and restaurants, we still ran out of new things to see and do. We weren’t even living in a suburb, yet the days seemed to blur together!

I remember thinking how dreadful this would be if we just lived the same routine over and over again forever… like Groundhog Day. Some people love and thrive on routine. I am just not one of those people. I thrive on novelty. The more routine everything became, the more I felt like I was dying inside.

Somehow, 3 years flew by after my daughter was born, and I felt like we had done nothing except move homes, set up our new homes, work, and worry about nap schedules and what to feed her. 

I knew something had to change. We needed to do something exciting, otherwise I could see myself falling into depression and just sleeping more and more. My health was deteriorating, and I was just not happy.

This is How Traveling With Our Family Began

This was the beginning… the beginning of our travel journey. Out of despair and depression, I dug deep to figure out what made me feel alive again. After a lot of soul searching, I discovered that the answer was adventure and travel. The dream was to travel around the world and live on different continents for different parts of the year.

Travel was what I did before my daughter was born — I even took a job that required me to travel because I loved it so much — and somehow I gave it up. But, by giving it up, I started to see myself shrivel up inside. I decided I was no longer going to let anything in the way of my own happiness… my health was at stake here… quite literally. I exhibited many symptoms that were preventing me from living a normal, quality life. I had been to doctors, a chiropractor, and healers of all sorts. I wasn’t getting better.

So, we decided to travel again, and take our daughter with us. We weren’t able to take a year or two off as we would have liked due to my husband’s job, but we started to take vacations that hit our travel bucket lists, and I started to come back to life again.

During so much of our lives, we are grinding it out… working hard at work, working to be good parents, taking care of all our responsibilities, and somewhere along the way, we forget to fuel our own happiness. It’s so important to fuel our own hearts while we are taking care of our little ones. Often we give, give, and give some more, and forget to refuel along the way. By refueling, you have energy to do everything else in life and your happiness helps you be more productive along the way!

What fills you up, may be different than what fills me up. For me it was learning and adventure!

We made a huge change after that. We took a big trip for my husband’s 40th birthday to 3 different countries, moved to Manhattan, and started to add more fun into our lives again!

Touring our own city! Having fun with our silly little girl at Brooklyn Bridge.

That year, we also made a commitment to ourselves. We decided we would make sure we took at least 1 international trip every year, and 2 domestic ones. This would give us multiple trips to look forward to each year.

Since then, we’ve found excuses to travel to places to our bucket list places. Here are some examples:

We went to Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai (our top bucket list item at the time) and did a 10 year wedding vow renewal ceremony there with our daughter. It felt like another wedding!

We took a multi-country baby moon in Europe to Iceland, Amsterdam, Santorini, and Positano while pregnant with our second child.

The amazing view while walking down the roads in Positano, Italy

And we just recently went on an amazing multi-layover trip to fly in the hot air balloons in Bagan, Myanmar to celebrate my belated 40th birthday! It was a serious bucket list dream come true!

We even managed to bring our daughter so much joy with all the fun Hello Kitty, Unicorn Cafe, Kidzania, and amusement parks around the world.

So, that is why we travel. My soul wants to see the world. And I use big events in our life as an excuse to make it happen.

Travel is my therapy. It’s expensive at times, but it brings us joy, improves my health, fulfills a deep, soulful longing, and creates lasting memories for our whole family that will last a lifetime. And, we get to share these amazing experiences with you!

Why do you travel? I would love to hear why love to travel in the comments below!

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Chelsey Schultz March 25, 2019 - 3:20 pm

What an inspiring story! Way to go not letting routine be lethal to your life! I personally travel to learn more about the world and to satisfy my need to wander. I, too, can’t stand the monotony of normal life and am constantly finding a way to explore a little more of the world whether it is one town over or on another continent!

Christine Kim March 25, 2019 - 9:07 pm

Thanks so much Chelsey! Love the idea of exploring one town over. We need to do that a little more!

jtz March 29, 2019 - 6:27 am

This was truly a heartwarming inspiration to read. You’re right, sometimes we get so sucked in the daily grind that we don’t see outside the box! I’ve also made a new vow for myself, every year I want to take an EPIC trip abroad, somewhere that is truly one of those once in a lifetime stays, and every so often, maybe even monthly, take some time off from London and reconnect in nature around us with a weekend away.

Christine Kim May 2, 2019 - 4:50 pm

So glad to hear that! I love your new vow… it is the same with us! Take 1 epic trip abroad every year. I also love your idea of monthly taking some time off locally to reconnect in nature with a weekend getaway. That is definitely very healing for the soul! I think we’ll schedule that into our annual calendar every year too. 🙂


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